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I decided to become a real estate agent 4 years ago after buying my own first home and understanding that I had something to offer people going through the same process. I am goal-oriented, detailed, and as my reviews support, always available for my clients day or night. Because of my passion to help, I specialize in first-time home buyers, investment real estate and land buying/selling in the Hill Country. I plan to get my brokers liscense within the next year and continue to expand my knowledge of real estate investing. In addition to being a talented real estate agent, I also write and play music for guitar, drums, bass, piano and trumpet. Some of my hobbies include craft beer and homebrewing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mountain biking. Read my reviews on my ZIllow Premier Agent page and contact me today to see what I can do for you!

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Kendall County Sales Trends

 A lot of people ask me about certain trends in the real estate market that they hear about, see or feel in their own community. They wonder when is the right time to sell their home, if they

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3 Modern Farmhouse Ideas On Houzz I Love

3 Modern Farmhouse things I love on Houzz.comGetting ready to close on our house this week. I can't stop using #Houzz! It's so easy to find what I'm looking for and save products for future.

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Hot Temps And Hot Deals

Could it be any hotter in Texas right now?Every year, as summer starts, I tell myself "I have been here so long, I must be used to this heat by now..." Then the second summer happens in later July

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5 Favorite Restaurants In Boerne

Buying and selling homes can be exhausting, hunger-inducing work. To maintain my composure throughout the day when dealing with inspection reports, appraisal misses, contract negotiations and

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